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surfinbarbados.com is without question the first and most experienced surf school In Barbados

Established in 1995 as dreadordead surf school. It soon became dreadordead surf shop catering to all the surf requirements of both our local and overseas clients. Leaving surfinbarbados.com as the surf school. This has allowed us to put together a team of four of the best surf instructors on the planet.

Our approach to the sport of surfing remains the same as it was when we first opened our doors pioneering the concept of surf schools in 1995. Paying attention to our client’s safety, while having fun as you learn to surf. You can take the sport to the level of your desire, we have the instructors and Knowledge to get you there safely.

Our surf school has been teaching the art of surfing for 23 years now and our word of mouth reputation has kept a constant flow of students over the years many of them now competent surfers that return yearly to catch up with the Bajan surf scene and just hang out with us surfing in the Caribbean sunshine.

The presence of surfinbarbados.com to this day is a testimony to the excellence of our product. As we continue to the offer the best value for money by booking online cutting out the middleman without compromising our product.

Founded by Russell Garrett, Matthew Kydd soon joined the team a fellow competition surfer at the time.

Russell Garrett has competed and instructed, windsurfing, water ski and surfing over the years. Coached and managed the Barbados ISA junior team in Japan 2017, continues to Train and coach his son at home for the BDS SOTY yearly event, ISA world surfing games and WSL junior pro, Keeping a hands-on approach in the sport.

Matthew Kydd has been a competitive surfer from a small boy. Winning junior 14, 16, 18 events. SOTY open men’s events, 2X Barbados National surf champion, and is now one of the best free surfers around.

Surf in Barbados offers you 40 years surf experience from two of the finest local surfers around. We have not forgotten the importance of bringing new younger blood to our clients either and have added Axe Garrett and Zak Taoum to the surf instructor team.

All of our instructors are patient, caring, good-willed and most of all competent, dedicated to teaching the sport of surfing whether it’s Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced of competitive surfing you are seeking to achieve.