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If you have never surfed before and are keen to try this exhilarating water sport, a surf lesson with “surf in Barbados surf school “instructor, is the perfect way to start. This will allow you to progress quickly and safely at your own pace.

At surf school we offer surf lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. Our main office and surf shop is located 5 minutes’ walk from Brandons (drill hall) south coast premier break. Hastings main road, Christ Church.

This also allows you to just rent a surfboard and try it for yourself. the surfinBarbados surf school is also mobile, this makes it easy for us to get you to the best possible surf conditions to suit your ability on the day wherever they may be.

For your safety and concern, we never exceed 4 students per instructor. This also allows everyone equal attention from their instructor. Over the years we have tailored 3 surf school options for our clients.

The up and riding beginner surf lesson, 2 hr duration, 10 min beach theory, the rest is done on the water with an instructor in the water next to you at all times. Allowing you to progress quickly and safely. Priced @ $ 50.00 USD all transport on the south coast included.

The “zero to Hero “3-day surf camp $ 100 usd. This is meet at the shop.

The last but not least “surf on your own”5-day surf camp @ $150 USD meet at the shop.




beginner surf-lesson ($50 USD per person)



3 -day surf camp ($100 USD per person)



5-day surf camp ($150 USD per person)

All lessons are 2 hr supervised either by Head instructors Matthew Kidd, Russell Garrett or Zak and Axe.

Photos and videos of your surfing can be taken at an additional cost of $10 USD per session.

Please advice in advance, Go Pro fittings are on some of our boards again please request in advance of the lesson.

SurfinBarbados also supplies water + energy bar on all of our lessons.