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SurfinBarbados, known for one of the best surf rentals in Barbados, gives you a chance to explore the beauty of surfing. Whether you’ve come to Barbados without your own favorite surfboard, and find the surf pumping, maybe just couldn’t be bothered to travel with a surfboard and pay the new airline tariffs, or you just want to try your hand at surfing without an instructor. SurfinBarbados has exactly what you want we have an inventory of over 300 surfboards to choose from. We have soft tops for the beginners, longboards, Hybrids, Fish and performance boards sizes ranging from 5’0 – 12’0 soft tops, epoxy and polyester.


Daily surfboard rentals

start at ($25 USD per day)


Discount rates for

long terms rentals available upon request

We love surfboards, we build them, repair them, buy and sell them. Our team of surfers is consistently testing new surfboard shapes and construction methods. Making sure you get the best equipment around. If you’re looking for a surfboard were the guys to check out.

Our rental shop is @dreadordead surf shop.
Hastings Main Road
Christ Church
Phone#246 228 4785
Cell#246 826 6672